The Song

The song…soothing, healing, reaching in and touching the lonely, painful place. For to long now, the pain, sadness, all-encompassing ache has controlled the day-to-day of my existence.

It causes pain for that place to be touched. It’s a bruise that is deep and slow to heal. Can I brave the pain, the tears, the sadness that must be endured for healing to take place?



2 thoughts on “The Song

  1. Yes.
    You should definitely brave that fear and anxiety you have and go LIVE. Live your life as God intended you to. Go do what you have been wanting to do. What you feel called to do. And know that I love you, and will be here for you always 🙂

  2. Yes!
    I’m glad to see you writing again. Stay in that deep place and get some work done. It will feel better later, Sugar.
    I love you, Dawnie

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