EEEWWWWW ~ This might be TMI

Last Monday I was planning on riding to work. I got ready for work, dressed in my riding clothes and loaded work clothes into my backpack. When I went to get my bike from the garage I discovered a flat tire….bummer, right?

I called hubby, told him to speed home so I could go to work. My backpack and work attire were on the couch in our computer room, so I did a little quick change there, vowing to put my discarded riding clothes away when I got home from work…yeah, right.

On Wednesday morning Patty found that the dryer was broken when she went to go get clean clothes out for school and found them soaking wet instead of all dry and fluffy. It’s a bummer because we do a lot of laundry…I see a trip to the laundry mat in our future.

On Thursday I was finally tired of being a sloth in the evenings and decided to go to the gym. The hubby was at work and the kids were going to have dinner at their grandparents house while utilizing their dryer.

I searched alllll over my bedroom for my favorite sports bra…couldn’t find it. I searched for my not favorite sports bra. Neither were in my bedroom. Not to worry I thought, because we always have a pile of clean laundry on the couch in the computer room (don’t judge…we are busy and putting away laundry is at the bottom of the list.) So I searched there.

Now remember Monday when I didn’t get to ride to work and Wednesday when the teenage daughter found that the dryer was broke when her clothes didn’t dry???? Well, apparently she didn’t notice that the load of towels she was taking out of the dryer to dry her clothes was wet. Yep, she tossed the not dry towels onto the constant pile of laundry on the couch. Guess where I found my sports bra and my favorite pair of gym capris. If you guessed under the pile of, now, damp and stinky towels you are correct.

For some, that might be enough for them to throw in the towel (be it stinky and wet) and stay home from the gym, but I was determined. The capris were damp and super gross smelling. The bra however wasn’t all that bad. It didn’t feel wet and I was pretty sure it didn’t smell that bad…

About 10 minutes into my time on the Crossramp I was very aware that I had made a mistake in wearing that bra. I had waved it around the room, sprayed it with body spray and waved it some more. I put extra deodorant on. I sprayed body spray on before I left for the gym. Here’s how it went…


10 min… “Is that me that smells that way???”

15 min… “Oh my gosh…that is me that smells like that”

20 min… “Ugh, I am going to gag from that smell”… I was texting my bff LeAnn at this point to fill her in on my funkyness

30 min… “I smell like a sour cucumber melon ball that is sweating” I wanted to apologize to the woman next to me, but after working out next to me for about 10 minutes she left. I think my smell chased her away.

40 min… “NO, NO… run!!!! Do not get on that machine” is what I was screaming in my head to the poor unsuspecting guy who got on the machine next to mine.

50 min… “Just 10 more minutes of this…I don’t know if I’m gonna make it”

60 min… “Finally Free!!!! Well, kinda, can’t get home and in the shower fast enough!”

Friends…please, take my story and use it to your advantage.

  • If you are going to change out of your riding clothes on the quick, take the time to put them away…do not leave them on the couch.
  • If the teenager finds the dryer to be broken, find out what they did with the clothes that were in the dryer
  • If you find your sports bra under a pile of damp clothes…call it a night and eat some ice cream

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